Leesa Vs Casper: Which Mattress to Choose for Maximum Relaxation?

Leesa Vs. Casper: Which One Is Right For You?

Now that the online mattress business is booming, traditional stores have become an alternative as opposed to being the only option. Forget about going store to store, in a search that seems endless. Now, you can have tons of choices available at the press of a few mouse clicks. And all these choices range in variety, build, and pricing to let you pick the perfect one.

Among the major mattress brands, Casper and Leesa happen to be two names that have garnered tremendous popularity within a short period. These premium quality, hybrid mattresses  might have many similarities, but also a few differences that you must to know before buying.

Don’t worry; in this Leesa Vs. Casper review, we’re going to compare the features and benefits of both products so you can go ahead and make a purchase with 100% confidence. So, let’s get started shall we?

Leesa: Detailed Review

1. Construction: Leesa is a Hybrid foam mattress, which means they make use of multiple types of foams. This helps maximize the feel and comfort of the user while keeping the negative effects to the bare minimum. Leesa makes use of Memory foam and Avena foam in their mattresses, to optimize the overall sleeping experience of the user.

2. The Layers: The manufacturer uses three layers of foam for their mattresses, out of which there are two special ones – Memory foam and Avena Foam – as mentioned above. The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of Avena foam, which is known to provide excellent comfort and cooling effect to the person sleeping on it. It is much better and more durable than any of its latex contemporaries. Then there are 2 inches of memory foam which relieves the pressure while providing incredible support to the body. The final or the bottom layer is a basic foam base, which supports the other layers as a foundation.

3. The Cover: Leesa is known for its seamless cover which is aesthetically pleasing and stunning. You wouldn’t almost notice any stitches, or buttons anywhere on the mattress – except a little thread in the corners where it’s necessary. The material is also a smart blend of lycra and polyester, which gives it amazing durability, breathability, moisture wicking and stretching abilities. Coming to the design, Leesa has a simple yet elegant 4 bar design which provides the mattress with a great look.

4. Firmness: The mattresses by this brand have a medium level firmness, and can stand at six on the firmness scale, where 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage: In a lying down position, Leesa has sinkage of 2.0 – 2.25 inches. Like we mentioned above, the mattress is of neutral firmness, and this gives you a good buoyancy and a mild hug-the-mattress feel. One can tag it as a mattress that’s more along the lines of a pushback.

Coming to the motion transfer in Leesa mattresses, it is at a minor level. That means, you don’t feel the intensity of the motion transferring towards you when you share the bed with someone else, and they have to move/get out of the bed.

6. Pricing: The price range of Leesa varies from $500 to about $1000, depending on the size. The mattress company is said to have discount offers often, that let you save about $100 instantly.

Size of the Mattress Pricing
Twin $525
Twin XL $625
Full $790
Queen $940
King $1070
California King $1070

Other Specifications:

  • Trial Period: 100 Days
  • Shipping: Free, Delivery takes anywhere between 1-5 days
  • Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a box
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Country of Manufacturing: USA

Casper: Detailed Review

1. Construction: Mattresses by Casper, just like Leesa, are also designed with a Hybrid configuration to ensure optimum comfort and support. But unlike Leesa, Casper’s specialty is a responsive poly foam layer that provides zoned support to the body.

2. The Layers: Unlike Leesa, Casper mattresses are characterized by four different foam layers. The responsive poly foam takes the uppermost layer with a coverage of 1.5 inches, which gives it buoyancy and comfort. This is followed by a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam that helps fit the body contours into the mattress in the right way. The third layer is a transitional layer and comprises a blend of two kinds of poly foam extending up to 3 inches. The final layer is the foundation and has 4 inches of heavy-duty poly foam for supporting purposes.

3. Cover: Casper uses a blend of soft polyester for their mattress covers. The design is a bit traditional and simple, with plain white on the top surface while the edges are grey. The white fabric on the top gives it a cooling effect and makes it breathable through the mattress.

The cover is thick when you look at it individually, but not as much as Leesa. The added benefit with this cover is that it is removable with the help of its zipper; that means, you can separate it from the rest of the mattress and clean it easily.

4. Firmness: When it comes to the firmness aspect, Casper is much similar to that of Leesa. On a firmness scale of 10, Casper scores a 6.5 or maybe a 7 (with ten being the highest). This could be because the level of comfort provided by the special foams enables the heavy sleepers to sink into the first two layers of the mattress.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage: In a typical position where a user lies down, Casper has a sinkage of about 2.5 – 3.5 inches. Casper’s sinkage gives you the feel of a pronounced hug, as opposed to that of Leesa. Also, the Zoned support system gives a feeling of a more personalized sinkage.

6. Pricing: Casper doesn’t vary much from Leesa when it comes to the pricing. It ranges from about $550 – $1150 depending on the size of the mattress. If you look carefully, you might as well be receiving a small discount on the purchase.

Size of the Mattress Pricing
Twin $550
Twin XL $600
Full $800
Queen $950
King $1150
California King $1150

Other Specifications:

  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free Delivery to US and Canada, Delivery takes anywhere between 1-5 days
  • Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a box
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Country of Manufacturing: USA

A Side by Side Comparison

Okay, you’ve read the reviews, but you still don’t feel 100% confident making a choice yet. Don’t worry; it happens. And that’s why we’re here with a side by side comparison of both the mattresses and their standout features. Take a look!

  Leesa Casper
Foam Layers 2.0” Avena Foam for comfort and relaxation, 2.0” Memory Foam for support, and 6.0” Support foam for the foundation 1.5” Responsive Poly Foam Foam for comfort and relaxation, 1.5” Memory Foam for support, 3.0” poly foam blend, and 4.0” heavy duty poly support foam for the foundation
Height 10” 10”
Cover Lycra-poly blend, 4-bar design, thick, nearly seamless (seams only at the corners) Soft polyester blend, Plain white on top, grey on sides, thick, removable (through zipper), easily washable.
Firmness Six out of Ten 6.5 – 7 out of Ten
Support Very good Very good
Motion Transfer Very Minimal Very Minimal
Country of Manufacturing United States of America United States of America
No. of Sizes 6 6
Price Range $525-$1070 $550-$1150
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Trial Period 100 Days 100 Nights
Packaging Compressed in a box Compressed in a box
Shipping Free takes 1 to 5 days Free to US and Canada, takes 1 to 5 days
Refunds and Returns Available. Picking up and disposing off is free Available. Picking up and disposing off is free
Discount Yes Yes

The Final Verdict: Which Mattress is the Best One for you – Leesa or Casper?

So, now that we’ve mentioned all the specifications, similarities and differences between these both big online mattress manufacturers and suppliers, we hope you were able to decide as to which mattress to go with.

Both the mattresses have a lot of similarities – like being hybrid mattresses, having almost the same firmness levels and lying within the similar price range. But, having considered everything, we believe that both of them give similar performance, except a few differences here and there. So, see which among these you’re more inclined towards, and go with your gut. We can also help you with some pointers here.

You can go for Leesa if you fit into any of these categories:

Back Sleepers: Leesa does good work with your spine alignment so that you wouldn’t wake up with any pains in the morning. So, if you are a back sleeper, this could be a better option.

You tend to change your position in sleep, a lot: If you have the habit of twisting and turning and change your sleep positions, Leesa adjusts your body perfectly to ensure you a good night’s sleep.

Cooling Effect: If you tend to get hot during the sleep, then Leesa’s breathability technic will keep you cool throughout.

Balanced Feeling of the Foams: Leesa balances its special foams perfectly so that you get an excellent comfort and support while you are in lying down position. It also gives you a balanced foam feel, due to its perfect blend of buoyancy and stress relief levels.

If you Want a Softer Mattress: Even though one might say that both Casper and Leesa are similar when it comes to sturdiness, Leesa is said to be a little softer. So, if you are the soft-mattress type, Leesa would be a better choice.

If You Want to Play a Part in a Greater Giving Program: Yes, you read it right! Leesa is probably the first among the online mattress firms to start an incredible giving program. Leesa makes sure that one mattress is donated to those who are in need for every ten mattresses that are sold. They also shook hands with an organization called Arbor, promising to plant one tree in return for the sale of one mattress.

And last but not the least, Leesa also partners with Make a Wish foundation occasionally and donates a part of their earnings to make the dreams of the sick and underprivileged come true.

On the other hand, you can opt for Casper, if any of these reasons are on your list:

Zoned for Support: The latest updated version of Casper mattresses came with special zoned support, which is achieved through the addition of another interior layer. As a result, different parts of your body are targeted in various ways, thus enabling excellent tension relief to all the parts of your body – right from the head, to the toe. So now, you can have a complete pain-free sleeping experience.

Perfect Foam Alignment for a Satisfying Sleep: Even though this is a checklist term for Leesa as well, here, the balance in the foam layers works together in a different way, to give your body the ultimate support, giving you a great sleeping experience.

Breathability and Heat Reduction: The proprietary foam, which is present in the comfort layer of the mattress dissipates the amount of heat within the memory foam, thus giving you excellent breathability and letting you sleep cool.

You Want Something Firmer: Casper is a little firmer than Leesa, hitting almost a seven on ten on the firmness scale, ten being the highest. So, if you like to lay your body on something a bit sturdier during your sleep time, this is the one to go for.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Leesa has excellent motion transfer and a more balanced feel for the sleepers especially for people who sleep on the side. It could be a great choice if you have a fidgety partner. On the other hand, Casper is bouncier and firmer. And it works well if you tend to sleep on your back

As the end, we could only suggest you to go with the gut and get the mattress that works for you the best.

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