Nectar Vs Leesa: Which Mattress Will Emerge the Winner?

Nectar Vs Leesa – Which Is The Best Fit For You?

Amidst all the online mattress suppliers that are taking the commercial bedding space by storm these days, Leesa and Nectar are said two be two of the exceptional contenders ahead in the race. Leesa has been in the market for quite a while now whereas Nectar is still pretty new. However, the latter has managed to make a place for itself in the market.

Both of them have great features and have excellent reviews by the users. But if that’s still not enough, we are here to make a side-by-side of Nectar vs Leesa, along with a detailed review for each of the brand. All you got to do is have a look at the article yourself and decide what’s best for you. Now, let’s get on with it.

Nectar: Complete Review

1. Construction: Nectar is all about the usage of memory foam for support and comfort. As a matter of fact, even a bit of it is quilted into the cover so that the user gets the optimum level of comfort. This kind of construct lets the mattress emphasize on relieving the pressure points and gives a good sleeping experience to the user.

2. Layers: The designers of the mattress decided to use two layers of memory foam below an additional layer of a gel-based memory form that’s stitched into the outer cover. The upper part of the foam in the middle layers is placed to respond to the pressure and distribute the weight. This, along with the gel-based memory foam, gives perfect shaping to your body contours. The lower part, as we mentioned already, is another layer of foam, which acts as a layer of transition. The last layer of the mattress is a foundation layer, as usual, and comprises a high duty poly foam that’s dense.

3. The Cover: A blend of Tencel and soft cotton is used by the brand as a cover design. Tencel is a soft material made from the trees, and hence, is eco-friendly. It is also known for its high breathability. The uniqueness of the cover, when compared to the other brands is a 1-inch gel memory foam stitched into the cover itself. This helps in contouring the body as well as cooling the body to maintain a comfortable temperature for the user.

As for the color, the top of the mattress is white, with grey colored sides.

4. Firmness: The firmness of a mattress is determined due to the impact of the weight distribution of the user, along with the size of the mattress. Nectar stands at a score of 6 (6.5 at the most) on a firmness scale of 0-10, with ten being the highest. Due to the gel memory foam in the cover, the initial feel may be soft, but eventually, it gets firmer when it comes to the transitional layer, giving it an overall medium firmness.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage: Nectar is amazing for those people who are used to side sleeping. Due to its excellent pressure relief system, side sleepers can usually get rid of the pressure they feel due to the position.

And in case, you need to share the sleeping space with your partner; there’s nothing to worry about, as the mattress has a minimal motion transfer as the memory foam is capable of isolating the impact and keep the overall disturbance levels low.

6. Pricing: Nectar starts at a price of $500, which is not very much for Leesa, but when you are looking for something of a bigger size (like King or California King), it comes at a relatively lower price of around $1000.

Size of the Mattress Pricing
Twin $500
Twin XL $650
Full $700
Queen $795
King $900
California King $900

Other Specifications:

  • Trial Period: 365 nights
  • Shipping: Delivery to the US only, free within continental US states. Delivery takes anywhere from 1-5 days. White glove services offer removal of the old mattress and set up the new one.
  • Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a box
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back
  • Warranty: Forever. Replacement of the mattress is done when the mattress has impressions deeper than 1.5 inches.
  • Country of Manufacturing: China

Leesa: Complete Review

1. Construction: Hybrid foam mattress, that’s what Leesa is famous for. This Hybrid foam design usually uses a combination of different mattress types in order to maximize the feel and comfort while cutting down on the negative effects.

Leesa uses both Avena and Memory foam layers to achieve this so-called effect and give the user a fantastic sleeping experience.

2. The Layers: The manufacturer uses three layers of foam for their mattresses, out of which there are two special ones – Memory foam and Avena Foam – as mentioned above. The uppermost layer consists of 2 inches of Avena foam, which is known to provide excellent comfort and cooling effect to the person sleeping on it.

It is much better and more durable than any of its latex contemporaries. Then there are 2 inches of memory foam which relieves the pressure while providing incredible support to the body. The final or the bottom layer is a basic foam base, which supports the other layers as a foundation.

3. The Cover: The mattress’ cover is in subtle grey. It is seamless, and minimalistic with an aesthetically pleasing 4-bar design. A little stitching in the corner is the only thread you’ll see in the whole mattress. The lycra-polyester blend of the cover gives it excellent breathability, durability, stretching and moisture wicking abilities.

4. Firmness: Leesa is known for its medium level firmness with a score of 6 on 10 on the firmness scale, with ten being the highest.

5. Feel, Motion Transfer and Sinkage: When you lie down, you can experience a sinkage of 2.0 – 2.25 inches on a Leesa mattress. Since the firmness of the mattress is neutral, there’s an excellent buoyancy, and you wouldn’t get much of a hug-the-mattress feel.

Coming to the motion transfer aspect, you will only experience it in small levels. There is not a lot of pressure or the intensity of motion transfer or anything as such in case you are sharing the bed with your partner.

6. Pricing: You can get a Leesa mattress from about $500 to $1000, depending on the need of the size. The company also gives you discounts regularly, with the help of which, you can instantly save around $100.

Size of the Mattress Pricing
Twin $525
Twin XL $625
Full $790
Queen $940
King $1070
California King $1070

Other Specifications:

  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free Delivery to US and Canada, Delivery takes anywhere between 1-5 days
  • Packaging: Product is compressed and packed in a box
  • Returns: Simple, 100% money back
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Country of Manufacturing: USA

A Side by Side Comparison

If these reviews aren’t enough for you to single out the ideal mattress for you, then don’t worry. We are going to place the important specifications of these mattresses alongside one another. And that should help you make a decision.

  Nectar Leesa
Foam Layers 1.0” Gel Memory Foam knitted into the cover for softness, 3 inches of Memory Foam for support, an additional 1.75 inches of memory foam as a transitional layer and finally, 5.25” Support foam for the foundation 2.0” Avena Foam for comfort and relaxation, 2.0” Memory Foam for support, and 6.0” Support foam for the foundation
Height 11” 10”
Cover Lycra-poly blend, 4-bar design, thick, nearly seamless (seams only at the corners) Lycra-poly blend, 4-bar design, thick, nearly seamless (seams only at the corners)
Firmness Six and a half out of Ten Six out of Ten
Support Very good Very good
Motion Transfer Very Minimal Very Minimal
Country of Manufacturing China United States of America
No. of Sizes 6 6
Price Range $500-$900 $525-$1070
Warranty Lifetime 10 Years
Trial Period 365 Days 100 Days
Packaging Compressed in a box Compressed in a box
Shipping Free takes 1 to 5 days. White glove service is also available Free, takes 1 to 5 days
Refunds and Returns Available. Picking up and disposing of is free Available. Picking up and disposing of is free
Discount Yes Yes

The Final Verdict: Which is the Best One for you – Nectar Mattress or Leesa?

Okay, here we are! Trying to get a verdict based on these reviews mentioned above and comparisons. If you’re still not sure which mattress to get, the next section will help you out. But if your gut is already inclined towards one of these, then you sure should listen to that. If anything goes wrong, remember, you can always return it.

So, let’s begin again by saying both of these are simply exceptional mattress with amazing benefits to offer for a good sleep. They also have quite a few differences you can easily point out just by reading the review. But anyways, you can go with Nectar if you are looking at, or can relate to, any of these factors:

You are a side sleeper: One of the things we’ve mentioned above is that side sleepers are usually prone to a lot of stress, given their weight distribution due to the sleeping position. This mattress works best if you sleep on your side because it has excellent weight distribution and relieves your stress wonderfully. So, we think you should give it a try.

A big fan of memory foam: We get it;  you like memory foam. Leesa uses it, but Nectar kind of takes memory foam to the next level. They use not one or two, but three layers of memory foam to give you incredible support during sleep. And not to forget the extra comfort that comes with extra foam. So, if you want to get a feeling of sinking into the mattress, Nectar could be the one.

If you’re looking for excellent breathability: We have two words – Tencel and Gel memory foam. These are enough to ensure that you will have an excellent regulation of the mattress’ temperature.  Memory foam can absorb heat, and that’s the reason why the makers have looked for an alternative kind of memory and an eco-friendly material like Tencel to accomplish the task.

Trial Period: The brand offers a 365-day trial period, unlike its contemporaries. So, if you are indecisive, this could be the best way you could make your choice.

If you’re a sucker for warranty period: Obviously, who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty period? That’s exactly what this company offers its buyers. Even if there’s an impression that’s just one and a half inches deep, they will replace it for you. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, there might be something you’re looking for that could be in Leesa mattresses instead. So, if any of these reasons attract you, then we firmly believe that this could be a better option for you.

Back sleepers: Unlike Nectar, which supports slide sleepers, this one is all for the ones who love to lie down on their backs. The build provides excellent alignment and support of the spine, that rest assured, you wouldn’t feel any pains on your back once you wake up.

You have a habit of changing positions: If you’re all twists and turns in your sleep, Leesa will see to it that there is not much disturbance, thanks to its perfect body contouring and adjustability.

If you get hot too quickly: Leesa’s cooling effect makes sure that you don’t get hot when you sleep. The breathable nature of the mattress also makes sure that you get the required cooling effect.

You like a balanced feel: The mattress uses a perfect ratio of Avena, memory and support foams to ensure that the users get an overall balanced feel in a lying down position. This also effects in the bouncy nature and levels of stress relieving capacity in the mattresses.

You are into charity and philanthropy: What’s interesting about this mattress company is its philanthropic initiatives. From planting trees in exchange for the sale of mattresses to donating parts of its sales amount to the kids in need, Leesa involved in many social drives. They also meticulously give away one mattress to the homeless and needy every time they make sell ten mattresses. And this their passion for helping the needy is something worthy of appreciation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Nectar is great at providing deep pressure relief and isolating the motion during your sleep. It is also great at giving good comfort and support to the user. On the other hand, Leesa gives you a deeper sinkage, instant comfort, and excellent response, all thanks to its Avena foam.

But ultimately, when it comes to zeroing in on the mattress that best suits you, the choice is solely yours. So, just give it a good thought before making a final decision. Happy buying!

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